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WW2 Japanese 1945 Army Officer Home Defense Sword   

WW2 Japanese Late-War Army officer sword (katana) variation. Similiar to the standard late-war swords (M1944 army officer katana), however, with differences to the pommel top and scabbard tip. This type has been proposed to be referenced as the 1945 Army Officer's Home Defense sword. This one has a blue wrap, which is harder to find (you will also see wine-red tapes as well as the standard brown wrap). Also, this has the canvas base under the wrap that is found on these variations. Now for the bad news, this one was found totally spray painted gold over the whole sword (yes, even the handle wrap). The picker that found the sword cleaned off most of the gold spray paint to reveal the sword much better. Sword also needs a sword wooden peg and could be fitted together a little better. Very used and first steps of cleaning up condition completed for you. Overall a hard to find example of a very late war sword that could still use a little more work and TLC.

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Item # SJ-252