SJ-183. Japanese early (1500s) o-wakizashi blade with scabbard.  Nice condition signed blade with habaki and saya (scabbard).  Approx 21" blade, 1 1/8" habaki, and 4 3/4" tang. Blade tang is signed, (Note: translation provided by a blade polisher) "Bizen koku ju osafune (personal name) Shichiro Yemonnojyo Kiyomitsu and date a lucky day of February 1587. Sword maker KIYOMITSU 清光 in Bizen Osafune is one of the most distinguished sword makers, of the same ranks as KATSUMITSU 勝光 and TADAMITSU 忠光. Among KIYOMITSUs' atelier, the chiefs with secular names of Goro Saemon-no-jo 五郎左衛門尉 and Mago Uemon-no-jo 孫右衛門尉 have been highly celebrated but the most of works (no matter with or without secular name) especially with date of year during Tenbun (1532-54) shows higher skill and upper rank of artistic level than other ages in general.  

Note, a polisher has looked a this sword and in their opinion the hamon is weak and missing from the monouchi upper cutting area on the omote side (nioi -giri). It is almost there in the right angle of the light but it is barely visible and that is a flaw in a sword. This is a shame because everything else is good on the sword and the nakago is very nice. So, please take in account that this sword most likely can not be further polished, however, is a nice example of an early signed Japanese blade even with the flaw displays very well for a sword that is about 500 years old.  Also, including a basic handle, tsuba, and seppa for display purposes..........$1,900.

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