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Imperial German M1889 Sword - Wurttemburg 

Imperial German M1889 Wurttemburg Infantry Officer's degen (sword) with folding crossguard. Has WKC marker logo on blade. Wurttemburg crest on guard. No scabbard. Also, it appears that some has applied a light gilting or gold colored paint over the blade as well. Blade approx 33 inches in length.

The M1889 Infantry Officer degen is a straight sword utilized from approx 1889 to WWI and typically had a folding right knuckle guard (however, can be found without the folding guard as well). The sword also usually had a double fullered blade. This pattern of sword was used by Bavaria, Prussia, Saxony, amd Wurttemburg each with their particular the royal crest on the guard.

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Item # SGI-87