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SAJ-60.  Edo Period Japanese Samurai Armor.  This armor is in a little rough condition and could use some restoration, but it still displays very well and is a nice grouping from a Samurai warriers Armor.  This set has a breast plate and back plate, some of the connecting piece between the breast plate and the back plate are broken or missing, but as you can see it still wears well on the form and overall is almost complete.  This set has a pair of full hand and arm protectors, the cloth inside these protectors is shreading some from age, but again it is still complete and intact.   It has a front protection skirt, which needs restoration, and it has a rare Edo Samurai Helmet. The edging connectors from the helmet are there, but need to be reinstalled to the helmets edge with wire or something, but as you can see by the picture its there.   Also, the laquared coating on the helmet is flaking off.  This is a very interesting old Samurai Armor set.......$6,000.

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