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WW2 German SS Wehrpas  

WW2 German SS Wehrpas Das Reich. Good condition with riveted and signed photo of 18 year old SS Panzer Grenadier who participated in the Normandy defense, among others. He attended a Wolfsschule and upon graduation skipped the RAD and went straight into the SS. A German National who was born in Hinchen, Saxony in 1926. At school, he was in a reserve unit at Merseburg, Saxony Anhalt. This book is in good condition with no tears, missing, or damaged pages. Binding in good condition. The book records battles he participated. This soldier served in the 2nd SS and 4th SS Panzer Grenadier regiments from 1943 gto 1944. Overall a good example of a SS Wehrpass.

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$550. (AM)