GD-424.  WW2 German Waffen SS Wehrpass - SS Concentration Camp Guard - Mittlebau - Scachsenhausen - SS Totenkopf Wachbattalion.   Nice Wehrpass with a Waffen SS over stamp and complete with photo to a SS Rottenfuhrer who was a camp guard at two of the most notorious concentration camps Dora Mittlebau and Sachsenhausen.  The man started his career in the Wehrmacht in Bau Battalions then in a Flugmedle unit before eventually going on to join the SS.  The Wehrpass is complete with training entries 98k and various Flugmelde equipment training entries as well as field entries and promotion entries.  Overall a nice complete Wehrpass to a camp guard late in the war........$450. - On Hold (JP) -
                               -- On Hold (JP) - --  

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