GD-422cxk.  WW2 German Waffen SS Wehpass.  SS Concentration Camp Guard - Auschwitz - Buchenwald - Mittlebau - SS Totenkopf Sturmbann "Auschwitz".   SS Wehrpass with a huge Waffen SS over stamp to an Oberschutzen who was a camp guard at many concentration camps including Auschwitz Buchenwald and Dora Mittlebau.  The Wehrpass is in very worn condition with the photo having faded over time and with damages. There are a few entires and note training on the 98K as well as his duty station and the camps mention starting with SS Totenkopf Sturmbann "Auschwitz".  A rare camp guard Wehrpass, however, in very worn and damaged condition......- Sold -  
                    -- Sold -  --  

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