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WW2 U.S. Holster - Wharton Mfg. co. 1943

U.S. WW2 Holster made by the Wharton Mfg. co. 1943.   Hard to find and rare holster in which Wharton is an almost unknown holster maker and is not listed in most of the collector books.  This is an original WW2 produced holster for the 1911a1 .45 auto.  This hoslter appears to never had a gun stored in it.   There are no marks insde the holster where a gun was ever put in.  The hanger has 100% original  black paint.  The tie strap is original from the factory and still knotted from ww2.  The leather is a clean bright brown with - U.S. - embossed on the flap.  The shape is 100%, it has never been flattened or crushed.  There is some light verdigris on the brass flap stud, which is nice to see showing the age.   Unbelieveable condition.  Would be very hard to upgrade. 

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