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You will find Historical Military Artifacts from around the world.

I am  pleased to offer quality German, Japanese, British, and U.S. collectilbe military artifacts which include:  Daggers, helmets, medals, tunics, bayonets, and swords from multiple time periods.  My key areas of focus include WW2 German, WW2 American, and WW2 Japanese.   All items are Originals.   I am a member of the Orders and Medals Society of America and offer a nice selection of medals from around the world as well.  All medals listed on my web pages are originals only, I do not deal in reproductions or copies.   I sell only original items of historical interest.  

All items listed in these web pages are Original Historical pieces.  I do not collect reproductions.   So shop my web site with confidence, knowing that I stand behind all items listed here.

Phone:  703-216-4994 or 704-243-7499
*Note, it may be difficult to get me by phone, the best method to get in touch with me is by email at johnnyg900@aol.com.

Mailing address:

Time Traveler Militaria
P.O.Box 49187
Charlotte N.C. 28277

For further info send E-mail to:  johnnyg900@aol.com

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WW2 German

WW2 German
Medals & Badges

WW2 German Insignia,
Armbands, Field Gear

WW2 German
Flags and Banners

WW2 German

WW2 German

WW2 German
Visors and Headgear

WW2 German

WW2 German Rare
& Specialty Items

WW2 German Books
Docs & Paper Items

WW2 German
Belt Buckles

WW2 and WW1
German Bayonets

WW2 German
Pins and Tinnies

WW2 German Dagger
Parts & Hangers

Imperial German
Postcards and Photos

Imperial German

Imperial German Helmets

Misc Militaria Items of
Imperial Germany

Imperial German
Medals and Orders

U.S. Civil War
Black Powder Guns

U.S. Civil War CDVs
and Tin Types

U.S. Civil War Coins

U.S. Civil War Buckles
and Civil War Relics

U.S. Civil War
Swords and Knives

Swords of the
United States of America

American Military

U.S. Metal Insignia, DIs,
Cap Badges, and Pins

U.S. Books, Postcards,
and Paper Items

U.S. Field Gear, Flags
and Mililtaria Gear

American Patches
and Cloth insignia

Combat Helmets

Visors and Headgear

American Medals
and Badges

Vietnam War
Medals and Militaria

American Uniforms
and Jackets

American Daggers
and Fighting Knives

U.S. Paper Money
and MPCs

World Military

Swords and Armor

Japanese Flags, Field
Gear, Helmets, Misc

Medals, Badges and
Orders of  Japan


British Medals of
Victorian Era

British Medals of
WW1 & WW2

British Flags, Field
Gear and Misc Militaria

Russia & Soviet Union
Medals & Militaria

Helmets and Uniforms
of the World

U.S. Civil War

Medals Awards and
Orders of the World

U.S. Socket

Swords of the

World Daggers
& Knives

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CLICK HERE for more information and hours of our showroom in Charlotte, NC -
My primary business will be done remotely via the web pages, however, I will try to be open 2-3 days each month so that collectors that would like to stop by and see items in person or individuals wanting to sell, trade, or browse have the opportunity.

Directions to 228 Westinghouse Blvd, Suite 107, Charlotte, NC location:
From points North:  Take 77S to Exit #1 Westinghouse Blvd, Turn left on Westinghouse Blvd, go 1/2 mile and 228 Westinghouse is on the left (suite 107).
From points South:  Take 77N to Exit #1 Westinghouse Blvd, Turn right on Westinghouse Bvld, go 1/2 mile and 228 Westinghouse is on the left (suite 107)
From 485:  From 485 Take exit #67 Charlotte/Columbia toward Westinghouse Blvd, Turn left on to Westinghouse, go 1/2 mile and 228 Westinghouse is on the left (suite 107).

Note:  We are located in the middle of a one level brick office complex (Halifax Square) between Carpet St. and Nations Ford Rd.

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